Headaches & Migraines Have Finally Met Their Match

Headaches & Migraines Have Finally Met Their Match

Introducing the fast-acting & ultra-comfortable hot & cold compression Hero-Cap

  • Proven Hot & Cold Compression Therapy for Pain
  • Works Quickly Without Using Medication
  • Effective for All Types of Headaches & Pain
  • Even 360° Pressure That’s Gentle on Your Skin
  • Comfortable to Wear and Doesn’t Slip Off
  • Infinitely Reusable and Easy to Care

Universal Fit

Hot & Cold Therapy

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No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

“Absolutely life changing. I cannot describe how wonderful this product is. Not only does it get cold quick and stay cold longer than anything I've ever used before, it also blocks light, and applies a tiny bit of pressure in all the right places”


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Pain Relief in a Flash

Hero Cap works by gently wrapping your head with soothing cold compression to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation. The pillowy, cloud-like fabric gently cushions pressure points and relieves your headache. It’s like a cooling hug…for your head.

You can also use Hero Cap for heat therapy. Simply heat it in the microwave and apply it to your head as usual. The amazing 360-degree warm compression quickly goes to work relaxing your muscles and melting your headache away.

So Comfortable You Forget You’re Wearing It

Hard ice packs can cause freeze burns if left on the skin for too long. Instead, we utilize soft gel pouches sewn into an oversized, stretchy wrap.

This way, you get an extra-comfy fit that slips over your head like a glove and it works just as effectively.

In fact, it can stay securely on during extended sessions without any problem.

Instant Relief From ANY Headache

When a headache strikes, you need to be armed with instant relief. Hero Cap provides immediate relief for any type of headache, including:




Migraines And More

Not only does this revolutionary product treat all headaches, you can also place it on your neck, shoulders, eyes, and more to quickly soothe other aches and pains.

Ready for Action Again and Again

Not only does the Hero-Cap work super fast, you can also reuse it many times over. Simply leave it in the freezer for 2 hours (or until desired coldness) before each application and it’s good to go.

  • No ice packs to insert or remove.
  • No Velcro straps that can come undone or pull on your hair.
  • Just pure pain relief whenever you need it, for as many times as it’s needed.

Even More Ways You’ll Love Your Hero-Cap

No More Light Sensitivity

With the all-black material that completely blocks all light sources.

Easy to Wear Without Fuss

Our flexible, one-piece design lets you take off or put on your cap effortlessly.

Wear It for as Long as You Like

The Hero-Cap is so soft and snug, you can leave it on for a nap and it won’t slip off.

Your Choice of Hot or Cold

This gel cap can also be safely heated up in a microwave for ‌heat therapy.

Multitask Like a Champ

Wear it like a hat as you go about your day or pull it down below your eyes to take a rest.

Works for Many Types of Pain

Delivers quick & potent reprieve from headaches, migraines, hot flashes, sinus, stress & more.

Designed with You in Mind

One Size Fits All

Stretchy fabric with sturdy double seams ensures a perfect fit for everyone.

Premium Gel Packs

Leak-proof and tamper-resistant for many years of dependable use.

Convenient Nose Cutout

So you can breathe easy while getting your cold compression therapy.

Simple Maintenance

A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to keep it looking new.

Travel Friendly

Lightweight and portable to bring with you for pain relief on the go.

People Living with Headaches & Migraines Love the Hero-Cap

Get Relief or Your Money Back

We created the Hero-Cap with one thing in mind - to free you from the pain of migraines and headaches

And we’re confident it will do exactly that for you.

That’s why every Hero-Cap comes with a no-hassle, 30-day money-back guarantee.

Plus, get fast and FREE SHIPPING to the continental USA.

What are you waiting for? Grab our risk-free offer today and feel better!

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