OIO Neck Pain E-books Bundle

Compiled from the best knowledge in the industry, we are proud to introduce the OIO Neck Pain E-book Bundle. Including 3 different e-books:

- 8 Ways To Fix Neck Pain And Stiffness

- Sleep With Neck Pain: What You Must Know

- 3 Best Exercises For Neck Pain And Injury

Written by experts in the field, OIO Neck Pain E-book Bundle provides a comprehensive insight into the nature of neck pain disorders within a biopsychosocial context to inform reasoning in the management of persons with neck pain. Emphasising a patient centred approach, these e-books practically applies knowledge from research to inform patient assessment and management. It also provides practical information and illustrations to assist clinicians to develop treatment programs with and for their patients with neck pain.

"Truly helpful fo anyone suffering from neck pain" - Minh Tran, OIO Customer